Updated Tuesday, January 02, 2001

MPRA spokesman Fletcher Burgess, and his son. Young Burgess is also a player  on an MPRA basketball team, and Fletcher also coaches. MPRA had a large Christmas tournament this weekend, they also have over 72 basketball teams.

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Today's producer and station manager Butch Menefee, Steve Rousseau, Bill Jones.

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Bill Jones doing what he loves.

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1. 11:05-11:10 Weekly Report

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Bill Jones
2. 11:10-11:20 The Business of Sports/ National guest, call in's, trends, start ups, inside the business of sports and more. Steve Rousseau, A report on the Alabama Branch,  of ARA, upcoming education weekend Dec.9-10, with table top trade show.  Lois Halington, Ex. Director, Sporting Goods Agents Association, call in
C 11:20-11:22 Commercial Set One Web cam presentation of products and services, Rousseau's Sporting Goods & Awards, Inc.
3. Trivia Quiz11:22-11:23   Steve/Bill/Becky Selter
4. 11:23-11:35 Segment One with guest. Coach Harold Wells, Johnson High School, Huntsville, AL. 
C 11:35-11:37 Commercial Break audio/Video Show on Web Cam, Live Chat, View products Show Sponsors/ Steve
5. 11:37-11:50 Segment Two with guest/call in's. Bill/Steve
C 11:50-11:52 Commercial Break Three Ads.
6. 11:52-12:00 Wrap up, Trivia winners, Online poll results (when applicable ) show schedule, upcoming events. Bill/Steve

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