Hawaii, 2001 trip, Steve and Rhonda

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Rhonda just before getting dunked in Pacific ocean slightly.

Rhonda just before take off.

Rhonda, flying high.

View from our condo

Where lava flow from Kiluawa volcano cut across road on chain of craters road, Hawaii volcano's national par.

A view from the south side of our condo at Kona Bali Kai.

Black sand beach we hiked to in Polulu Valley, North Side of Big Island.

View of kitchen at Kona Bali Kai.

Living room at Kona Bali Kai.

Guest room at Kona Bali Kai.

Waikloa Hilton , we stayed three night here.

View or room at Waikola Hilton, $????????

Main Lobby at Waikola Hilton.

Rhonda and Steve mingling with a local couple.

View from the ocean at Kona Bali Kai, our condo is center, second from top, with 4 white chairs showing.